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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  September 21, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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desire to search. they had come up to offer support, not necessarily search. at the last minute she decided to join in. as she tried to put a harness on the dog, amber became overly excited and bolted down the trail. >> i then ran after her. at one point she started runningback to me at a rapid pace. when she reached me, she jumped up on my chest and turned around and darted in the same direction. >> reporter: amber rushed to a flat spot about 300 yards away from the rest of the search group. as mcgonigle put her leash on, she noticed what she thought might be remains and alerted an officer. she continued her search. it wasn't until days later she learned she had found michelle. >> of course, this has been a very emotional experience for all of us. it hit me harder than i expected. i have a tremendous amount of sadness not only reliving my own tragedy but also for the le family. >> reporter: mcgonigle doesn't try to explain why all the pieces fit together the way
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they can this past weekend. she has faith. >> my trainer said it was a higher power. she truly is the hero here. and i have to believe that it was amber and michelle guiding her. there is no real explanation for what she did. >> reporter: mcgonigle says she has not yet spoken to the le family but the search over the weekend empowered her knowing that she is emotionally strong enough to search for other victims and help other families. she was asked during the news conference what she thought amber might say about all this. and her reply was, she thought her daughter would say, go, mom. >> that's an incredible story. what a hopefully -- hopefully providing some sort of closure for that mother. thanks. >> reporter: both families. >> absolutely. tonight, two former berkeley students held in an iranian prison for more than two years are back with their families. josh fattal and shane bauer ran into the arms of their families when they arrived in the gulf state of oman. a judge granted their release after a bail of one million dollars was paid for their freedom.
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>> we're so happy we are free and so relieved we are free. our deepest gratitude goes towards his majesty sultan of oman for obtaining our release. >> two years in prison is too long. and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in america and iran. >> the two men were arrested along the iran-iraq border in july 2009 and sentenced to eight years in prison on spying charges. a third berkeley grad sarah shourd was also arrested but released a year ago. she was there for today's reunion. developing news out of san francisco. right now, parts of union square are blocked off after crews punctured a pipeline and caused a gas leak. mike sugerman is there and says the blame game has begun. mike. >> reporter: just what union square needed, elizabeth. if you have drin around here at all, it's the worst traffic in a decade if you have driven
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around here, because of the central subway construction. about 2:00 today a crew working for the city cut into a pg&e gas line, that was at 2:00. gas spewed for almost an hour before it was turned off at 3:15. now, the gas wasn't dangerous but it could have ignited. two buildings were evacuated, 490 post which has life hack the doctors in town -- has like half the doctors in town there. there was a "shelter in place" order including the prescott hotel for about two hours. we saw official from the city and pg&e jawing about whose fault it was. we are going to play you two pieces of interviews we did. one is from the contractor, what they told us and what pg&e told us after they heard what the contractor said. >> our saw cutter, he was saw cutting and the pg&e mark was off so we started saw cutting where we're supposed to because they had the mark right here.
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so when we started saw cutting we hit the gas line because they marked the line wrong. so we hit the gas line and it's not working and the gas starts flying in the air. >> the permit was not for today. the excavation was supposed to happen tomorrow. we're not trying to cast any stones here but time in a situation like this happens and public safety is potentially compromised, we do a full investigation. >> reporter: they evacuated the area and here's a smart guy smoking a cigarette in the evacuated area. pg&e says they were scheduled to make marks on the streets tonight and that digging should have started tomorrow. now what the city is saying is it's still under investigation. there was a 9-block area that was blocked off for traffic at the height of this. now three blocks down post street and the traffic should be getting back i guess within
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about an hour. right now it's still a mess. one person was killed and another is in critical condition after a shooting near oakland children's hospital this morning. it happened just after 11:00 in the 800 block of 52nd street. a third person was hurt by flying debris. police have not yet released a suspect description or a motive. shootings in san francisco's bayview are already too common. now with, a 5-year-old girl has been caught in the crossfire. tonight as joe vazquez reports, the community is showing an outpouring of support. >> reporter: the little girl was shot in the knee. she will recover. she has been receiving well wishes from everyone from the police chief, who brought her a teddy bear, to her fellow classmates as well as teachers at the charles drew academy. >> she is one of my babies. >> reporter: classmates are sending gift boxes and
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handwritten cards. >> sorry that happened to you. i hope you get well soon. >> she is in serious condition. she is recovering well from surgery to her left knee. she is recovering today after surgery yesterday. >> reporter: the 5-year-old was wounded as two men fired at each other at 3rd and palou as the girl's father was walking her home from school. >> he comes to pick them up every day. he is very protective of his daughters. he has three daughters. and all around, she's a good little girl. >> reporter: her teacher has been with the district since 1975. she can't believe it. >> i don't have any more tolerance. human life means nothing to them. just to go out at random and shoot into a crowd of people, i can't wrap my brain around that. >> reporter: police are now looking at surveillance video from a nearby business looking for clues hoping to lead to an
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arrest of gunmen. >> glad she is expected to be okay. >> reporter: yeah. she said she is a little groggy. she told her principal that she wants some chips right now. >> thank you, joe. it's not just between you and the mirror anymore. >> scary. >> anyone who walks by can see the department store standing by its show-all dressing rooms. a global behemoth with the power to get what it wants or a company trying to build its customer base. conflict views of google presented on capitol hill. -- conflicting views of google presented on capitol hill. accused of going on a three- day crime binge facing nine felony charges and sobbing in court. the man police say caused a whole lot of trouble. ,,,,,,,,
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in their dressing rooms. some
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call it prying eyes in a place you'd expect a little privacy. is it security gone too far? on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains. some call it prying eyes in a place you would expect privacy. have they gone too far? julie watts reports. >> reporter: some fitting room doors are making it easier to be monitored by a predator or someone with a camera. >> anybody walking by could actually see it. >> reporter: laura and her daughter were shocked when they realized the dressing room doors in this macy's were flipped around so anyone on the outside could see in. >> anyone can see you. >> reporter: this door isn't alone. a joint cbs investigation found these revealing doors in macy's stores throughout florida, washington, d.c., pennsylvania and california and similar doors discovered at some saks fifth avenue stores and ann
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taylor loft. >> this wasn't morally right. >> reporter: he doesn't want to reveal his identity but this former macy's employ spent 20 years in loss prevention and says it's done intentionally to prevent shoplifting so people can see in from the slats angled out but you can't see out through the ones angled down. >> i was shown the fitting rooms by another male detective, lingerie department, juniors, young ladies departments as well as, you know, the other women's departments. >> i think that's a little creepy. >> reporter: most of the shoppers who looked at this video were shocked will it change the way you use fitting rooms? >> yes. and it has an impact with my daughter, as well. >> that's an invasion of privacy. >> reporter: the aclu agree. >> merely to say well, we have an interest in preventing theft isn't enough to throw out privacy rights. >> reporter: california law backs that up prohibiting observation in anyone in an
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area where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy lik a fitting room. macy's said it works hard to strike a balance between privacy and deterring theft but now tells consumerwatch, fitting rooms vary depending primarily on when each store was built. it is current little currently changing all the doors. >> i don't think i'll ever try on anything again honestly. >> reporter: ann taylor also says it will flip the doors in question and calls them a mistake. you can find their statement on our website, it's important to note we didn't find the flipped doors at all stores or in all departments. so you have the option of looking for another dressing room and then of course you can always hang those clothes on the back of your door, which obviously would provide a little more privacy. >> but it makes you scared to try anything on anymore. >> you have to be cautious but now what to look for now. >> thank you. a rough day for google
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chairman eric schmidt on capitol hill. a senate committee is looking into whether the company uses its power to unfairly compete with smaller internet rivals. he told the senate antitrust subcommittee that the wide open nature of the internet protects consumers. but the hearing got testy when the panel's top republican mike lee showed evidence of google's products ranking highly in searches. >> i don't know y'all this a separate algorythm or whether you have reverse engineered one algorithm but you have cooked it. >> may i say that i can assure you we have not cooked anything. >> google controls roughly two third of the u.s. internet search market. carjacking, murder and now more. the man accused in a weekend crime spree is still being linked to crimes from his jail cell. his tearful appearance before a judge. beauty is pain but science
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says it can be cool and refreshing. what is taking the sting out of botox. did somebody say refreshing? i don't think so. take a look at this. for the third day in a row, we have triple digits in our inland areas. currently, it is 100 degrees in pleasanton. the day you can anticipate the relief as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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brutal crime -- cower in fear. it's not often you see the suspect in a ruthless and brutal crime cower in fear. that's what happened to a man whose crime spree is said to be kidnapping and murder. len ramirez reports. >> reporter: this was a brief court appearance today in san jose but for a man accused of going on a crime spree in a cold-blooded murder, the defendant in this case showed a lot of emotion when he showed up in court. [ pause ] >> reporter: paul ray castillo's appearance in court was only 45 seconds. the man accused of robbery, carjacking and murder, never stopped shaking and crying. in fact, his attorney says he has been like this ever since his arrest. >> i have spoken to him briefly
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at the psychiatric unit in the jail. he was crying uncontrollably. you might have saw that was the case here in the courtroom today. and he is on a 15-minute suicide watch. >> reporter: he showed a much different face last friday when he allegedly shot a man at a san jose gas station, then carjacked, kidnapped and murdered vietnamese radio host cindy nguyen. her body was found in a house castillo frequented near downtown the next day. police tracked castillo down to sacramento, where they arrested him on sunday. now police say castillo was hiding out in this north san jose pot club. police raided the treehouse marijuana collective on commercial street tuesday night. a copy of the search warrant is still visible through the window. >> we have connected two people that are associated with that dispensary to his ability to evade the police department for 2.5 days. >> reporter: were they instrumental in hiding him? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: those two unnamed suspects are still at large. pot club has been shut down. meantime, the district attorney says castillo is facing eight felonies and could get the
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death penalty if convicted. >> there are special circumstances in this case. if you read the complaint, it's been alleged that the homicide occurred during the course of the kidnapping and a carjacking, which would make it a death penalty-eligible case. >> reporter: and the district attorney says they will make a decision on whether or not this will be a capital case later. it will be determined by a lot of factors, elizabeth, including the defendant's mental state. he is being housed in the jail's psychiatric unit and on a 15-minute suicide watch. that means that every 15 minutes, somebody from the jail has to check him to make sure he hasn't tried to kill himself. >> wow. all right. len, thank you. here are some headlines around the bay area. a domestic dispute may be to blame for the death of a woman at a richmond restaurant. police say the body of 30-year- old romero was found by coworkers in the bathroom of angie's bakery and restaurant last night. romero had worked the shift at the restaurant earlier in the
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day. several people were arrested for a burglary in oakland this morning. it happened just before 8:00 on 57th avenue. police set up a perimeter for about 30 minutes before taking as many as three suspects into custody. police arrested two teen boys for vandalizing more than 31 businesses in downtown san leandro earlier this month. on monday, detectives stopped the 15-year-olds for jaywalking. the boys were carrying sketch books with the identical tags to those that were written on the storefronts. today president obama urged the u.n. not to rush the push to create an independent palestinian state. during today's general assembly, mr. obama and some european nations warned leaders not to grant palestine its request for u.n. recognition. the president says negotiations need to continue with israeli and palestinian leaders before creating a new state. >> there is no shortcut to the end of a conflict that has endured for decades.
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peace is hard work. ultimately, as the israelis and palestinians -- it's the israelis and palestinians, not us, who much reach agreement on the issues that divide them. >> while world leaders met in new york, minor clashes erupted between israelis and palestinians in the west bank. the white house has said it will veto a u.n. vote to create a palestinian state. and the majority of people in the bay area support an independent state for palestine. in our exclusive eyewitness news poll, 45% of respondents said the u.s. should vote yes on the u.n. resolution to give palestinians their own state. 28% said the u.s. should vote no. and 28% said they are not sure. switching gears, roberta, summer holding on for dear life. >> i drove 42 miles to work from pleasanton to the studio in san francisco. 42 miles, 35-degree temperature span. >> oh, my goodness. >> only in san francisco can you find that. in fact, right now, let's go ahead and take a look at some of the current conditions
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around the microclimates. we are at 55 degrees in pacifica. but meanwhile, in our inland areas, we are still in the mid- and high 90s. lots of sunshine in dublin, where the temperatures still stand at 97 degrees. and notice that wall-to-wall sunshine there. compare that with this, 40 miles due west, we have a bank of low clouds and fog stream across ocean beach keeping the air temperature there right now into the 50s. in fact, let's call on our satellite and you can see that bank of low clouds and fog as it just hangs very tight to the immediate seashore and fills in nicely in between that gap there into monterey. heading on out to baseball action, sure, we have clear skies right nows at as play host to the texas rangers. game time temperature at 72 degrees. clear skies, but make sure you bundle up with the low clouds and fog, that blanket of clouds moving on shore. overnight temperatures into the 50s and 60s across the santa clara valley. meanwhile, there are three things i want you to remember about our forecast. right now the clouds are
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gathering at the coast. that means we are cooling off coast and bayside and we are going to have slow cooling in our inland areas. you're going to have to hold out until saturday. cloud move in and straddle the immediate seashore in the overnight hours through our thursday. we are going to bring down the temperatures again along the coast and the bay. also in san jose 86 degrees down from today's high of 94. winds adry out of the northwest 5 to 15 miles an hour east of the bay. outside number will be 97. 88 santa rosa. low 90s in throughout petaluma. the extended forecast does call for again, what were those two key words? slow cooling in our inland areas for friday the first day of tom as it official lay arrives. you want relief? there you have it by the tail end of the weekend. that is your pinpoint forecast. eyewitness news will continue right after this. ,,,,,,,,
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cosmetic procedure done worldwide, with almost five and botox is the number one cosmetic procedure done worldwide with almost 5.5 million procedures each year. now scientists are testing a technique that takes away the pinch. dr. kim is here to explain. kim? >> reporter: well, liz, how about a topical gel instead of an injection? that's the idea behind a new product being produced locally by a company in newark. it's so new, it's not yet branded. they call it [ indiscernible ] rt001. in union square youth and beauty often go hand in hand. what no someone buying, wrinkles. that often means a needleful of botox but who likes that? >> no one likes a needle. i think people would go for it. >> reporter: now your wish may be granted. an alternative to the needle a gel is on the way. >> there are a subset of patients who are very needle
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phobic. >> reporter: he looks forward to a new option. he says the studies on the experimental gel are very encouraging. >> as with any exciting innovation, time will tell if this is going to be as effective or not with what is the gold standard for treating, which is botox. >> reporter: and just like botox, the topical toxin will be a medical procedure performed in the doctor's office. >> it is not an at-home product. it's something that the patient will come into the doctor's office. the topical toxin will be applied in the doctor's office and all subsequent care will be administered in the doctor's office. >> reporter: yvonne looks forward to a painless approach. >> it's quite a nerve-racking experience to a degree but to use a gel that eliminates the needle, that's a great thing. >> reporter: but not everyone is stuck on the idea. >> i don't agree. i think just need to keep your natural beauty the way god made us. don't go with plastic surgery.
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i think natural beauty is beautiful. i think that people need to just, you know, stay away from all those chemicals. >> reporter: right now, the gel is only in clinical trials so it's not yet approved by the fda. botox injection cost hundreds of dollars. it's unclear what the gel would cost if it's approved for consumers. but again, it's going to be done in the doctor's office so it's not going to be inexpensive. >> right. sounds like it would be a breakthrough in the beauty industry, though. >> reporter: absolutely. we'll see how well it absorbs in the different parts of the face where it's for effective. a lot of people would be happy with no needles. >> thank you. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,, ,, [ rapid footsteps ]
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for eyewitness news at 6. it's being billed as the biggest nurses' strike northern california has ever seen. of health care wo i'm dana king. it's being billed as the biggest nurses strike northern california has seen. thousands of healthcare workers about to walk off the job. why they say they are doing it for the patients. coming up at 6:00. >> they look real but they are counterfeit great fake ids popping up at bay are bars. that and more at 6:00. >> caption colorado, llc >> pelley: tonight, pelley: tonight, two americans held by iran go free. they're released for a million dollars, just at the moment the iranian dictator is headed to new york. >> we are so happy we are free and so relieved we are free. >> pelley: there's news on home


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